USPRE Board of Directors Congratulates Juan Tirado

30 June, 2014

The Board of Directors of the United States PRE Association, on behalf of over 400 PRE studfarms in the United States and Canada, extends our congratulations to the new President of ANCCE, Juan Tirado. USPRE is pleased with the outcome of the election and we look forward to continued innovation and progress of our parent association, ANCCE, under Sr. Tirado’s leadership.

USPRE has worked closely with former President Javier Conde over the past eight years and we have appreciated his personal interest in our association as well as his dedication to the North American PRE community. His leadership during difficult times, and his success in advancing the work and vision of ANCCE, is no-where more appreciated than here in the United States, where we have also experienced our own economic and political challenges. We want to thank him for his commitment to the horse first, his brave leadership, and selfless service to the PRE breeders of our country and the world.

USPRE chose not to join the charged rhetoric surrounding the election this year, since the actual number of voting ANCCE members in the United States is relatively low. However, we followed the elections closely and were hopeful for a transition to new leadership that would be respectful of the significant accomplishments of the former administration. In the run-up to the election, we were contacted by Mr. Tirado, who expressed his respect and appreciation for the work that USPRE does for the American breeder and for the horse we promote. Mr. Tirado assured USPRE that the American PRE community is high on his list of priorities and that he looks forward to continued good relations and future collaboration between ANCCE and USPRE as we seek to serve this community together.

We appreciate the support of Sr. Tirado and wish him the very best as he takes over the reins of ANCCE, looking ever forward to the development of services, policies and programs for the benefit of the PRE horse and its community worldwide.


Kimberly Boyer, President

Betsy Ketcham, Vice President

Miguel Nunez, Vice President

Joan Mack. Executive Director

Mary Magee, Director

Janne Rumbaugh, Director

Jesus Jimenez, Director



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