June Feria Showcases Top Breeding


June Feria brought out the big names! Top West Coast breeders, both large and small establishments, showcased their top specimens in three days of ANCCE-sanctioned competition. USPRE staff Sally Rodriguez and Ricardo Nigaglione were there manning the USPRE Tent and hosting several receptions for our members. We will hear more about the weekend from them in the near future. In the meantime, USPRE wishes to congratulate the Feria Show Management, Champions and all winners!

Carinosa RM/Rancho Madrigal                                               Champion Mare Born in America

America KR/Ketcham Ranch                                                    Champion Functionality Born in America

Estrellita GD/Rancho El Afortunado                                     Reserve Young Mare Champion

Estrellita GD/Rancho El Afortunado                                     Champion Filly Born in America

Inquieto RM/Rancho Madrigal                                               Champion Stallion Born in America

Que Linda AM/Rancho El Encanto                                         Champion Young Horse

Caspian KR/Ketcham Ranch                                                     Champion Colt Born in America

Revoltoso LXXVIII/Rancho El Encanto                                Champion Stallion of the Show

Secretaria XLII/Yeguada Salvatore Sanchez                       Champion Best Movement Young Horse

America KR/Ketcham Ranch                                                     Champion Best Movement Adult Horse

Luna CCXCIV/Rancho El Encanto                                           Champion Mare of the Show

Farruca MON/Yeguada Salvatore Arriaga                            Reserve Champion Mare

Centenario del Kiko/Yeguada Herrera                                  Champion Young Stallion

Travieso B II/Miguel Nunez Diaz                                              Reserve Champion Stallion

America KR/ Ketcham Ranch                                                    Absolute Champion of Functionality

Revoltoso LXXVIII/Rancho El Encanto                                 Reserve Champion of Functionality

Rancho El Encanto                                                                        Champion Exhibiting Breeder

Yeguada Herrera                                                                           Champion Breeder

Manuel Pena                                                                                   Champion Presenter

Complete scoring available at http://circuitopre.com/view_result.php?circuito=89&seccion=pe.

Our thanks to the excellent video and photo coverage from www.AndalusianWorld.com.

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