The COPA USPRE Attracts FEI-Level Riders Across the Country


Late last year USPRE introduced a new FEI-Level Dressage Program called the Copa USPRE (Breeder’s Cup). Since then, over 30 horse and rider pairs from around the country have submitted the Declaration of Intent to participate. The Copa season is now in full swing, and will conclude on 15 October. If you and your PRE are planning to compete this summer at the FEI Levels, why not join the Copa USPRE and win the chance to compete at SICAB and join the USPRE Team in 2014? Regulations and Directives for this program are outlined in the Dressage Menu on our Home Page. The Declaration of Intent is available under the LG Services Menu. This program is available only to USPRE members. See more below:

New FEI-Level Dressage Program Proposed for 2014: COPA USPRE

COPA USPRE takes its name from the national PRE Dressage High Point program in Spain called COPA ANCCE, which culminates in the SICAB Dressage Finals every fall. COPA USPRE is open to all USPRE members who are riding at the FEI levels, whether Open, AA, Youth, or Para Dressage. The COPA USPRE will pin a Champion and Reserve Champion in the fall of each year based on the highest average scores from the following levels. Champions and Reserve Champions of the COPA USPRE are automatically qualified and invited to compete at SICAB in the COPA ANCCE Finals in December in Seville, Spain. Invitees will receive a certificate from ANCCE indicating their qualification for the Copa ANCCE Finals.

Young Horse Levels:

USDF Four Year Olds*, FEI Five Year Olds, FEI Six Year Olds

Small Tour:

Prix St. George, Intermediare I, Intermediare I Kur

Big Tour:

Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, Grand Prix Special Kur, YR Grand Prix (U25)*

               Para Dressage (all levels)*

 *Not Elegible for SICAB Finals

Additionally, COPA USPRE Champions and Reserve Champions will constitute the USPRE TEAM for the coming year, and will receive USPRE TEAM saddle pads, clothing and media sponsorship for one year.

–Participants must be a USPRE member in good standing. 

–Participants must submit a Letter of Intent annually, which is provided on the website in the Dressage Menu.

–Scores from any USDF-sanctioned show or any CDI from anywhere in the United States may be included in the tally, including scores that are applied to the FL or CA Series’ High Point Program. Canada-based members may submit scores from Canadian or any other CDIs, or USDF-sanctioned shows in the United States.

–For CDIs, the highest score of the judging panel will be applied.

–All national-level scores must be from USDF-sanctioned shows. CDI-scores earned from any country may apply to this award.

–Only scores of 62% or higher will be accepted.

–Contestants must have a minimum of 4 scores at their declared level. All scores will be averaged. If the rider has more than 5 scores, the lowest score will be dropped.

–The qualifying period will be October 15, 2013 through October 15, 2014. Winners will be announced on October 22, 2014.



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