Breeders Executive Committee (BEC) Spring Report

The Breeders’ Executive Committee met at the end of April, under the direction of Chair Betsy Ketcham. The BEC approved the following items on the agenda:
  • Sponsorships for the Feria del Caballo Espanol in June 2014 and the Feria del Caballo National Show & World Cup in September 2014 for $5000.00 each.
  • The BEC-sponsored TRC clinics with Sebastian Bastida Porras were highly successful in educating a large group of breeders for TRC preparation. Clinics were held in 4 locations in April.
  • Doreen Kula was approved to replace the outgoing Margot Reynolds.  
  • Kay Greenbury was appointed to the role of Secretary.
  • Karen Lewis reported difficulties in securing an interest in the Virginia Show in September. At the moment, this show has been postponed.
  • The Born in America Awards will continue for all US ANCCE breed shows in 2014.
  • TRC was discussed at length. BEC will be supporting the efforts of the USPRE office in organizing this event.
The next BEC meeting will be held in the fall. Following this meeting, candidates for the 2015 BEC will be presented to the Voting Membership.

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