USPRE Represents the PRE Breed at Equine Affaire


    Communications Director Ricardo Nigaglioni reports that it was a great experience for USPRE to be present at the Equine Affaire Expo.  USPRE had a stall placed next to the booth so the breed was physically present throughout the weekend. While people were walking by and asking for information, they could actually see the characteristics of the breed and compare to other breeds.

    USPRE sponsored three breed presentation times with script and music, featuring the beautiful horses of Coves Darden Farm and Elite Spanish Horse Imports/Harmony With Horses Riding School. To the sounds of Spanish music, horses were being displayed in various disciplines. After presentation times many people felt free to walk over to ask about the horses, and were very impressed by their movement and beauty.

    Equine Affaire is a great show for breed exposure and information. In the greater horse world, many people still didn’t know about the PRE horse, and this convention is a way to come in contact with the general community, educate and inform them about the Association and our wonderful horse.

Follow the link to view pictures and breed presentations:

Many thanks to all the members and volunteers who helped to make our weekend at Equine Affaire a success:
Miguel Coves and Dorothea Darden from Coves Darden Farm, Amber Clark, Laura Cross and  Stacey Hastings.
Dianne Kirk from Elite Spanish Horse Imports/Harmony With Horses Riding School with Danielle Kirk, Joanna Mann, Krista Harvey and Lee Goss. 


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