The PRE Breeding Program continues to progress and move forward.  Another new step has been taken to meet the established goals and favor the development of the equine sector; with this in mind, the PRE Stud Book web site ( has uploaded the genetic data for all of the horses assessed to date, both for Dressage as well as for Conformational Traits for Dressage. This information is useful to breeders so that they advance in the genetic selection of their stud farms. 

This practical and useful tool for breeders seeks to become more than a hard copy on a desk, but rather, a database that is easily accessible to everyone.  Obviously, the best access route is the Internet, thanks to which, the genetic information of the 33,519 PRE horses assessed to date has been uploaded.  Thus, this information is available quickly and immediately for breeder’s daily management tasks to contribute disseminating the best PRE genetics while at the same time, increasing the genetic progress of future generations.  This is especially true in the current economic situation, where it is essential to maximize stud farm productivity and competitiveness to guarantee feasibility.  

In 2013, the PRE Breeding Program celebrated ten years of service since the 14th of November, 2003, when the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment approved the program as one of the first in Spain for equine species.  Today, the PRE Breeding Program is at the same level as some of the best European equinebreed programs and is recognized by the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP), which guarantees the quality of the work performed.  Today, and thanks to this program, there are a number of excellent PRE horses competing at the highest levels.  

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