One the 14th of March, the ANCCE Board of Directors agreed to hold elections on the 28th of June of this year to elect the new Board of Directors.  Likewise, the Election Board was appointed; after accepting their posts, this board was constituted on the 25th of March.  The following agreements were approved: 
– Designation of responsibilities:
President: Miguel de Rojas Maestre.
Secretary: Francisco Gutiérrez Espina.
Member: Fernando Barquín Cortés.
– Inform all members about the election process and the calendar of events on the 28th of March, 2014.  

– Candidatures may be presented from the 28th of March to the 28th of April (2014). Closed lists of the candidatures must be sent to the Association offices by certified mail, fax, burofax (recorded delivery) or presented personally between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., from Monday to Friday.
As established in Articles 35.2 of Association By-laws, all Candidatures shall be composed of 41 Association Members, indicating the name of the person running for the Presidency of the Board.  You are recommended to include five (5) alternatives on the list of avoid any type of problem.  The Election Board reminds you that for a candidacy to be valid, the member must be in good standing with all ANCCE obligations, and meet all of the requirements established in Article 65.2 of the Association By-laws upon reaching the deadline for the presentation of Candidatures.  
The Election Board has until the first of May of 2014 to announce the official candidatures.  

– Proceed to publish the election census on the ANCCE web site before the 31st of March, 2014.
The duly enumerated census includes all ANCCE members, indicating their appointed representatives, who have voting rights, independently of the fact that said person may have outstanding economic obligations with ANCCE, which may be covered using any one of the following methods:  
— In cash until 9:30 a.m. on the actual day the elections, and always prior to exercising his/her right to vote.  
–By Bank Transfer or other payment methods: If and when the debt is deposited into the ANCCE account before 12 noon on the 27th of June of 2014.
Any and all members who have failed to pay all outstanding debts with the Association shall be excluded from the Election Census.   
– Any member who wishes to change his/her representative, as established in Article d11 of the Association By-laws, shall have until the 28th of March of this year 2014 to do so.  
– Vote by Mail:
A Vote by Mail Request Form has been approved, which may be forwarded to the Association as of the 28th of March of this year (2014).  The request must be accompanied by a copy of the ID or Passport of the person whose name appears in ANCCE’s files as the Stud Farm Representative, and this must be sent to the Election Board by fax to: +34-954-690-327) or by e-mail to juntaelectoral@ancce.com 
Under no circumstance shall the Vote by Mail documentation be sent to Members before the Election Board officially announces the candidatures.  Said documentation shall be sent by certified mail to the known address of the breeder requesting this documentation.  In such case that the address is a post office box number, the breeder shall be asked to provide another address so that all voting documentation may be send.   
Any vote by mail without the corresponding prior request shall be considered a void vote.  



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