2,822 New Breeders registered at the PRE Stud Book Office in 2013

To date, the Purebred Spanish Horse herd has 215,559 registered horses as of December 31st

The promotional efforts undertaken by the PRE Stud Book office abroad resulted in 24 international trips

In 2013, the Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book registered 2,822 new breeder codes in such countries as Russia, Thailand and Ukraine. This confirms that the PRE horse is currently being bred in more than sixty countries.  There are 5,408 international breeders—most of whom are located in the US and Mexico—and 18,920 breeders in Spain—with most being in Andalusia, Valencia and Castilla-La Mancha.  All in all, there are 24,328 active stud farms with an average of 8.86 horses per farm.

Last year, a total of 11,843 registrations (inscriptions) were processed, which resulted in 215,559 PRE horses being registered as of the 31st of December. In terms of other services provided by the PRE Stud Book office, 5000 horses were assessed as Basic Breeding Stock while 8,433 horses changed ownership.  

It is particularly important to note that there were 24 revision trips by Stud Book representatives throughout 2013 to El Salvador, Rumania, Morocco, Russia, etc… This shows the good results of the promotional efforts undertaken throughout the year to make the breed known the world over. 

Likewise, throughout 2013 the PRE Stud Book office participated in a number of trade shows, congresses and conventions to report and to advise horse owners about a wide variety of topics. Meetings with the international representatives were held to update knowledge and know-how, as well as to discuss new Stud Book procedures.   

In October of 2013, and as is now customary, PRE Stud Book representatives attended the annual WBFSH (World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses) meeting.  This event brought together more than 100 representatives from all of the horse breeders associations handling the stud book for the various breeds, as well as other stakeholders in the sector.  For ANCCE, it was another opportunity to show how it operates and its objectives with regards to the PRE Breeding Program and the PRE Stud Book, while at the same time, promote the Purebred Spanish Horse as a bred that offers high-performance horses for a number of disciplines within the scope of equine sports. 

Due to the importance of smartphones and tablets, the PRE Stud Book office created its own application for Android and iPhone in 2013.  Throughout the year, the Stud Book office has continued to improve these applications by incorporating new and improved functions; we have new reached the 10,000 download mark.   

Last year, ANCCE updated its 2013 Quality Certificate for the management of the PRE Stud Book, according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.  This fact endorses the excellent work performed.  AENOR came for the inspection in March.  Inspectors verified the degree of compliance with the integrated quality management system that is being used.  They recognized the transparency and improvements in Stud Book’s specifically designed tools, the system established to verify the various administrative processes, and the high degree of satisfaction expressed by breeds on the surveys.   Currently, the PRE Stud Book is the only equine stud book with AENOR certification in Spain.   This new certification will be valid for three years, with intermittent follow-up reviews every year.   This concludes the daily efforts and commitment with quality that ANCCE has to continue improving its quality in systematic manner.  It all leads to greater efficiency and improved services for Purebred Spanish horse breeders throughout the world.

New Services

In its continued efforts to improve the PRE Stud Book, a series of new services are now offered, the most outstanding of which are:
Informative Note from the Register: a simple informative note may be requested containing information about a given horses, the name of the owner as registered with the Stud Book, and the type, nature and limits that horse may have (embargo, lien, etc.)
Lineal Morphological Traits of breeding stock: Breeders may request the lineal morphological traits for their horses at their stud farm, so that their horses are assessed genetically, with which breeders have a better idea of the specific traits that will be passed on to the descendants. With this system, horses may achieve any one of the genetic categories contemplated in the PRE Breeding Program. 
PayPal as a payment method: this electronic payment system offers breeder greater safety and flexibility when paying for Stud Book services.

Better Prices

Throughout all of 2013, the PRE Stud Book offices has continued to adjust the fees for the various services in an effort to adapt to the complex economic situation and support breeders at especially difficult moments.  Thus, the prices applied in the previous year were maintained, while others enjoyed a discount—the fee charged by the veterinarian representative when requesting the registration of a horse was lowered when five foals are registered at one time and the field work is carried out at a single visit to the stud farm.  In the case of change of ownership, it is free of charge when you activate a breeder code (Typo C) and the registration (inscription) of one horse is free for every five. Lastly, all of the new codes incorporated in 2013 offer a free, 1-year membership with ANCCE, in the category as associate member, with all the advantages this entails.

The Purebred Spanish Stud Book office managed by ANCCE since 2007, as delegated by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, has progressively increased its quality, efficiency and reliability index.  Thanks to this, the Stud Book has earned international recognition and is currently considered a reference model for other equine breed, especially in Europe.  

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