USPRE Board Report, February 2014

Last month, during USPRE week in Wellington, the Board of Directors met at the USPRE offices for the Annual Meeting. All members were present in person or by teleconference. Highlights from the meeting are as follows:

–USPRE, as an association, is in a time of unprecedented growth. Since March 1, 2013, our Membership has grown from 196 to 370 members, an increase of close to 90%.

–Studbook Service requests reflect an improvement in the economy and marketplace, with a significant increase in Inscriptions (+10%), Revisions (+16%), and Changes of Ownership (+23%). Most importantly, requests for New Breeder Codes more than doubled: from 73 in 2012, to 154 in 2013.

–The Breeders Executive Committee (BEC), headed by Betsy Ketcham, is beginning its second year and has budgeted support for the Feria Shows, the new ANCCE show scheduled for Labor Day weekend in Virginia, and for a series of clinics to prepare breeders for the upcoming Qualified Breeding Stock Tribunals (TRC) in the fall. The first of these clinics was held in Wellington during USPRE week. The Board voted to amend the BEC Regulations by adding a minimum and maximum number to the Committee (7 and 15, respectively), which will begin to be elected by general vote of the Membership in 2015.

–Jesus Jimenez was nominated and elected to the Board of Directors for a three-year term. Kimberly Boyer, Miguel Nunez and Mary Magee were approved to remain in their current positions for another term, with Miguel Nunez agreeing to serve as the second Vice President according to the Bylaws. Mikala Gunderson, a Danish dressage trainer and international Grand Prix rider, was appointed to the Advisory Board.

–In an effort to meet the growing demands of North American breeders as well as improve Customer Service, the Board approved the hiring of an Office Manager in 2014.

Minutes from the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors are available upon request in the USPRE Office.


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