2014 Series of TRC Clinics Kicks Off in Wellington

USPRE members met in Wellington, Florida, last week at Mtica Farm—home of Qualified stallion Gaucho III—to attend a seminar on preparation for the upcoming Tribunals for Qualified Breeding Stock. Last year, the Breeders Executive Committee (BEC) approved a series of clinics across the country to educate breeders on the process and standards for the TRC, and the Wellington clinic in January was the first of this series.

Tom Reed led the seminar and handling demonstration. Tom, of Lost Art Equestrian and Medieval Times, is a long-time PRE breeder and professional trainer who has handled horses at the prior TRCs held in the United States. Tom is also the co-owner, with Mary Adams, of Kabileno XV, a Qualifed stallion.

Tom began with a lecture on the importance of obtaining Qualified status for your horse, bloodlines, and business. He listed the qualities that the Spanish judges would look for in a Qualified horse—whether stallion or mare. He discussed the training preparation necessary to present your horse in its optimum condition. He stressed the appropriate behavior for the animal and handler. He talked about the directives for the in-hand and ridden portion of the examinations, and specifically what would immediately cause your prospect to fail.

Next, Eugenio Arranz of El Portal Andaluz presented one of El Portal’s beautiful stallions. Tom gave a demonstration of how to maximize your horse’s conformation and movement through skilled handling.

Finally, Janne Rumbough brought out Gaucho III, now a legendary Foundation stallion in the United States, who at 24 years old is still one of the finest examples of the beauty and nobility of the PRE horse in America.

The important points derived from Tom’s clinic were:

 1.    —OCDs or precocious arthritic changes will preclude your horse from passing the TRC. Have your horse x-rayed prior to applying for the TRC.

2.     —The Spanish are looking to reward the most “perfect” specimens. Be critical of your own stock and select the very best.

3.     —Behavior and temperament matter. Be sure your horse is well-behaved and prepared for the examination.

4.     —Fitness is paramount. Present your horse in its best weight and muscle-tone. Begin to train for the TRC months in advance.

All attendees were given ANCCE’s Directives for International Tribunals of Qualified Stock. This document is also available at http://www.ancce.es/_docs/documentos/2013/TRC%202013/2013_reglamento_trc_ing.pdf.  The TRC Clinic calendar is being finalized now. If you would like to host a TRC clinic in your area, please contact Ricardo in the office (786-264-1108) at your earliest convenience. Future clinics will be announced on this website.

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