New Promotion: Free Change of Ownership Upon Activating a Type C Breeder Code

The PRE Stud Book office has launched a new promotion for all those individuals or organizations requesting and paying for Service 700 (Registration as Breeder) before the 31st of December (2013), in which case, you can take advantage of a free service to change the ownership of your horses.
 All new breeders who request registration can take advantage of this special offer, as well as all those breeders who previously have a tentative breeding code, and have not yet paid for the 700 Request for Service (Registration as a Breeder).
 The Change of Ownership service for one (1) horse is generated automatically with this special promotion.  It has no deadline and can be used by the breeder at any given time.
 For further information about this matter, contact the USPRE office.  

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