USPRE Introduces the Born in America Award
The USPRE Breeder’s Executive Committee is proud to introduce the new Born in America Award, for recognition of American-bred horses at ANCCE-officiated Morphology Breed shows. These awards celebrate the achievements of American breeders whose passion and dedication to our breed are producing PRE horses of distinction. They will be presented for the first time at Feria del Caballo Espanol 2013, Sept 19-22, in City of Industry, CA.
Champion American Born Stallion (Ages 4 and up)/Campion Semental Nacido en EEUU
Champion American Born Mare (Ages 4 and up)/Campiona Yegua Nacida en EEUU
Champion American Born Colt (Ages 1-3)/Campion Potro Nacido en EEUU
Champion American Born Filly (Ages 1-3)/Campiona Potra Nacido en EEUU
Award Eligibility
The horse must be born in the USA as determined by the horse’s codigo.
The horse with the highest morphology score wins except in the case where the judge(s) have selected a different American born morphology Champion, in which case the judge’s opinion will supersede the high score.
Owner need not be a USPRE member.

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