Feria del Caballo Espanol Day Two Results

USPRE wishes to congratulate the winners on the second day of Feria del Caballo Espanol.


Gaspar Brau Climent–Four Year Old Mares


Rancho El Encanto–Four Year Old Stallions (Part 1)


Rancho El Encanto–Five and Six Year Old Mares


Rancho Arcadia–Five and Six Year Old Stallions (Part 1)


Origin P.R.E.–Seven and Older Mares


Rancho El Encanto–Seven and Older Stallions (Part 1)


For Best Movement and full results, see http://andalusianworld.com/blog/feria-del-caballo-espanol-day-two-results/


Be sure to watch Live Streaming today, Sunday, for the Finals and Awards, including the USPRE Born in America Awards at http://www.andalusianworld.com/live.html

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