Open Letter to ANCCE Members from President Javier Conde

(Provided by ANCCE to PRE Breeders worldwide.)

Dear Member,

A few days ago we learned about the decision given by MAGRAMA in reference to the appeal presented by UCCE in the light of the refusal of the Ministry to grant said organization to handle the PRE Stud Book.  The response to the appeal was negative, in which case, for now, the PRE Stud Book continues to be a single ledger with no divisions. 

The Ministry, apart from many other reasons, has not accepted the original request and later appeal presented by UCCE as it considers that this organization fails to have a sufficient number of PRE broodmares to make a Breeding and Improvement Program feasible.   In the light of this situation, Mr. Leopoldo Fernández Pujals has two options: one is to appeal the final decision by going to Administrative Court or the other option would be to present a new request to handle the PRE Stud Book by acquiring a sufficient number of broodmares, as indicated by the Ministry.  

It seems that the President of UCCE prefers the second option and for the past few weeks, by means of his staff, has undertaken an aggressive telephone campaign requesting breeders to sign over the representation of their mares, stating that the only thing he is seeking is to put an end to the ANCCE’s “monopoly.” 


To date, Mr. Fernández Pujals has tried to use his power and contacts thanks to his vast fortune.    He has lobbied hard and fast at both the political and administrative levels, in Spain and in the European Union to obtain the right to handle the PRE Stud Book without attaining the desired results. 

For this businessman, handling the PRE Stud Book has become an obsession and it all stems from his inability to accept the rules of democracy.  Since he lost the ANCCE Presidential elections in 2010, it seems that he has made this goal his lifelong motivation.  He has not held second thoughts when it comes to insulting Association staff and directors, he has launched an out and out slander campaign, he has created his own association in which he is everything and lacks representatives on the board, there is a total lack of members—the nominal list of would-be members is extensive, but there are few who pay their membership dues, as can be deduced from the scant accounts presented to date.  He has created alliances with any and all who consider themselves potential enemies of ANCCE in search of sympathy for him, the end justifies the means; seeking accommodation among renegade ideas such as PRE Mundial does no harm to ANCCE, but rather, it damages all breeders who have to compete in the marketplace with horses that not being PRE horses, seek refuge in subterfuges that confuse potential customers. 

If there is something at ANCCE that works and is an example to all, it is precisely the PRE Stud Book.  This fact has been recognized by the breeders themselves, by quality auditors in addition to international recognition.  This is why, in this letter, before you happily relinquish the representation of your mares to UCCE or to Mr. Fernández Pujals, I would ask you to ponder the following criteria:

A)     No consolidated breed in the world has a Stud Book that is divided into various administrators:  Upon reviewing all major German, Dutch or American breeds, as well as the English Thoroughbred and Arab, among others, you see that none of them has a divided Stud Book. The case of the Purebred Arab Horses is particularly unique as it does not have a specific reference country for the breed; all registers throughout the world are articulated through the WAHO.  This is not due to chance; one of the most prestigious breeds in the world is not divided to facilitate marketing, identity and prestige.  Spain only has the PRE as a breed with true world coverage and it would be lamentable that due to the whims of a single person we could go down in history as the first major equine breed to be the victim of a schism of this making.

B)      Generating confusion in the marketplace: PRE clients, mainly on the international scene, would be faced with the dilemma about which horses truly fall within the scope of the breed should there be two independent managers.  This has been the case of other breeds with disastrous results: it has created a first and second class market, but not due to the intrinsic quality of the animal, but rather to the prestige of the administrator. 

C)      The PRE Stud Book is not, nor must not be identified with the person who administers ANCCE: This topic is of utmost importance, well beyond personal likes or dislikes.  The future of a breed is at jeopardy.    People come and go, but the PRE as a breed remains.  There are a number of debate forums where the discrepancies may be aired, with ANCCE remaining independent from those governing at any given moment. 

D)     UCCE is an association that is materially inexistent which with its attitude, risks the characteristics of a century old breed:  it seems that the letters UCCE hide a sole shareholder association that responds to the interests of a specific person.   Throughout his career, he has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the sector, except to boycott any ANCCE activity.  Those who initially were excited about the project have seen the true reality.  A reasonable breeder cannot serve the cause of an individual and must ask: What will happen when the current President of UCCE is weary of so much battling? Or if he decides to reside in another country or forsake his sudden love for the PRE?   By then, it will be too late and certain aspects will no longer have a solution.  That is why one must ponder such aspects now, and see the true repercussions of our current behavior on the future of our horses.    


With this message, by no means do I want to pressure breeders or limit their freedom. My only desire it to get people thinking; before making any decision, I would hope that breeders analyze all possible consequences.  The credibility of a breed with five centuries of history is at stake; this history has contributed to making Spain a brand name—a name that he currently seeks to disintegrate and divide, based on criteria that have never been explained by someone, and who, if we analyze and recall his election proposals, failed to do what he announced to benefit the Purebred Spanish Horse.  

I hope that these words make you meditate and make the best decision for the near future of the Spanish Horse. 


Kind Regards,



Javier Conde Cerrato



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