Reflections on New Revision Standards These are some comments after observing 2013 Revision and analyzing the score sheet which can be requested from the USPREA office. It comes in English and Spanish. (Certificado de Aptitud Basica Para La Reproduccion Form).

First, there is an extensive inspection of the horse which includes 9 zoometric measurements followed by a judgement of 20 conformation aspects such as the front profile, angle of the hock, direction of the hoof (front and rear) etc. The horse receives a score of 1-9 on each item.

Following this exam, the horse is shown at the walk, trot and canter and scored 1-10.

Lastly a score for breed fidelity and overall harmony is given. scored 1-10

Absolute Disqualifying Defects:
Height at withers: MALES less than 154cm; FEMALES less than 152
Proportional Index (not less than 90 nor greater than 110)
Fallen crest: score of 7 or more
Ewe neck: score of 7 or more
Front profile: score 1,2 or 9 (ultra concave, concave, ultra convex)
Breed Fidelity: score less than 3
Monorchism (non accidental)
Cryptorchidism (non accidental)

A horse also cannot pass with 5 serious defects or 3 very serious defects. You need to see the score sheet yourself to understand these criteria and judge if your horse has any of these issues.

It is considered a very serious defect for horses to have a height of greater than 172cm (males) or 170cm (females), however to be denied Revision status this defect would have to be combined with other serious defects.

I want to be clear this is my interpretation of what I saw and heard and does not represent any official comment or guideline. Ultimately the horse is examined and scored with very specific and written criteria in mind and must meet minimum requirements in conformation, breed fidelity, proportional index and sexual characteristics to pass.

To give your horse its best shot, it should be clean and groomed, well behaved, sound, and prepared with exercise than will enhance its conformation (muscle development, trimmed feet, healthy coat etc)

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