The General Assembly appointed José María Rojas Palatín as Honorary Member

New SICAB 2013 dates: December 3 – 8.

The 41st ANCCE General Assembly was held on Saturday morning in the city of Sevilla.  The Assembly listened to the reading of the minutes, as indicated on the Agenda, to then approve the 2012 annual accounts and the 2013 budget; all agreements adopted by the Board of Directors were ratified.  

In his report, ANCCE President Javier Conde stated that “conclusions can be drawn and opportunities arise from any crisis, but we must be optimistic and work together; more than ever before, we need cohesion in the industry.” 

ANCCE is working hard to maintain services and create new implementations without generating loses, despite the lack of subsidies and a slight decrease in membership.  Currently, the Association is focusing on institutional ties for which “we have held meetings with representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, mainly from the Under Offices for Animal Husbandry and Animal Health; we are on the Boards of the Spanish National Federation of Select Animal Breed Associations (FEAGAS) and the Young Farmers’ Association (ASAJA), the Dressage Selection Committee of the Royal Equestrian Federation of Spain (RFHE) and the recently created Federation of Horse Breeder Associations (FEACC),  in which ANCCE holds the presidency.” Conde continued to explain “the important role the PRE Stud Book Office plays to provide administrative services to all Associations based on the know-how acquired over the past six years of irreproachable management.”

PRE Stud Book director Arancha Rodríguez Sáenz de los Terreros presented the annual PRE Stud Book Report.  She highlighted that “the PRE herd as of December 31, 2012 totaled 209,314 heads, distributed among more than sixty countries.  This as an increase of 10,155 registered with regards to 2011.”

The Assembly considered the change of dates for SICAB 2013 as positive.   This year, the event will be a week later than its traditional November date, to be celebrated from the 3rd to the 8th of December, in an effort to facilitate and favor greater participation of breeders and enthusiasts from all over the world at the most important international date on the PRE calendar.  In addition to being a single-theme equestrian event, it is the most important Purebred Spanish Horse Fair in the world and one of the most important of all events held in Spain.  

In conclusion, the Assembly appointed José María Rojas Palatín as the 2013 Honorary Member.  He is the owner of a stud farm boasting his name; as a pioneer in the participation of PRE horses in such important Olympic disciplines as is Dressage, he bred Orgulloso XXII, 1993 Spanish National Champion.  Right from the beginning, he has been very active in ANCCE, sitting on its Board of Directors, SICAB Commissions and as president of the Election Board on a number of occasions for the election of ANCCE Presidents.  

Prior to accessing the Assembly hall, photographs by the finalists of the 2nd “Cover Horse” Contest were on show.  The winner was Antonio Sanz Escribano from Yeguada Sanz Roldán, with a photo titled nobility, strength and functionality with its beauty being a masterpiece.   The winning photograph will be the cover horse of issue 218 of the magazine El Caballo Español, which coincides with SICAB.

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