Are You Ready for Revision? New ANCCE Rules Now in Effect

Don’t be caught surprised! The new ANCCE regulations for Revision take effect now, with next month’s coming Revision Tour. Check here for all you need to know to be FULLY INFORMED!

Download Latest changes in the PRE Stud Book Rules & Regulations and the PRE Breeding Program (


Download New Assessment Record Sheet for Basic Approval as Breeding Stock and Genetic Assessment for Morphology (


PlEASE NOTE: Due to the recent changes in revision procedures, the veterinary evaluation for each horse will take a little longer than in years past.  Please plan accordingly.
  1. The horse is inscribed in the Spanish Stud Book and has a passport issued by Cria Caballar or ANCCE.  This passport must be presented with the horse at the time of revision.
  2. The horse must have passed its third birthday at the time of revision.  
  3. The ownership documentation is current in the Spanish Stud Book.  Only the owner of record in the studbook may request revision for the horse.  If the ownership of the horse in the studbook does not reflect the current owner, a change of ownership must be requested and paid by March 1.
  4. The owner or authorized farm representative must submit the completed Application for Service form and proof of payment by Friday, March 29.
  5. The horse must stand calmly during the evaluation.  Breeders and owners are strongly encouraged to expose their horses to measuring sticks and tape measures before presenting them at the Revision.  If the veterinarian feels that the horse exhibits unsafe behavior during the Revision, the owner will be informed and the horse will be excused.  If this occurs, the horse may be presented again at a future revision, but the owner will need to re-request the service and pay again.
1. Select Service Code 206 (Revision) on the LG Studbook Services Menu
2. Complete form including payment information.
3. Select “Submit”.

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