USPRE Announces Changes to the Board of Directors and New Breeders Initiatives

The Board of Directors of the United States PRE Association announces the following changes to the Board of Directors, the formation of the Breeders Executive Committee, and other business.

Alexander Zilo Resigns

Alexander Zilo resigned from the Board of Directors of USPRE in November, 2012. The Board of Directors would like to thank him for his service during the formative years of the association.

Miguel Nunez Appointed New Representative to ANCCE

Following the resignation of Alexander Zilo from the USPRE Board last November, USPRE has appointed California PRE breeder Miguel Nunez as its representative to ANCCE. Miguel, from Norco, California, will sit on the Board of Directors for ANCCE and be the USPRE liaison to the official National Breeders’ Association of Spain.

Betsy Ketcham Assumes Role of Vice President and Officer of USPRE 

Board member Betsy Ketcham will assume the role of Vice President effective immediately, and she will continue her service on the Management Committee, joining Miguel Nunez, Kimberly Boyer and Joan Mack, as per the Bylaws of the USPRE Association. Betsy, a PRE breeder from Paicines, California, has been on the Board of Directors since 2009, and served on the Management Committee in 2012. Betsy will also act as Chair of the new Breeders Executive Committee until such time that the Committee or the membership appoint its own Chair.

Janne Rumbough Returns to the Board of Directors 

Founding Board member Janne Rumbough of Wellington, Florida, returns to the Board for a three year term, and will head the Dressage Committee going forward. Janne is a PRE breeder and owner of American foundation stallion Gaucho III. As a long-term dressage competitor with years of success at all levels through Grand Prix, Janne is specially suited to take over the Chair of the Dressage Committee which oversees the successful USPRE High Point series, USDF All Breeds program and Dressage Scholarships. Janne joins other Board of Directors members Kimberly Boyer, Betsy Ketcham, Miguel Nunez, Joan Mack and Mary Magee.

Breeders Executive Committee Formed

In response to requests by Javier Conde, President of ANCCE, at meetings held with USPRE Board of Directors in January 2013, for a more democratic process for USPRE leadership selection by Breeder Members, and for a corporate structure more in keeping with other ANCCE Affiliate Associations, the Board of Directors has exercised its right, provided by the Bylaws of the USPRE ASsociation, to form a committee designated for service of American breeders’ needs in particular, led by breeders who are appointed by the membership, and which is funded for programs and services as the committee sees fit. The BEC was founded on February 13, 2013, at the Annual Meeting of the USPRE Board of Directors in Wellington, Florida, and was ratified by the Voting Membership present on February 14, 2013 at the Open Annual Meeting in Wellington, Florida.

  • Betsy Ketcham—CA, Acting Chair
  • Margot Reynolds–TX
  • Kay Greenbury–MI
  • Rafael Madrigal–CA
  • Alfredo Gonzalez–CA
  • Tom Reed–FL
  • Ramiro Perez–CA
  • Karen Lewis–VA
  • Karen Rock—IL

The BEC will appoint its own officers on a yearly basis, with the expectation that the general voting Membership will elect the members and officers of the BEC by 2015, at which time the BEC will appoint its own representatives to the Board of Directors.

New Website Unveiled in March 2013

Executive Director Joan Mack has announced the March debut of the new USPRE full-service website. This new website provides a wide range of account and LG service to all PRE owners and USPRE members. USPRE expects the new website to make service requests significantly easier than with the former site. Among its many services, the new site will assist users in correct completion of service requests and payments, link directly to the ANCCE/LG site, provide a new Members Only section which will allow members to store their information and see their account and financial transactions all in one place, and in time will provide detailed instruction for Revision, Inscription, and instruction for the new requirements for presentation of horses at Revision and Qualified Tribunals. A regularly updated calendar will make planning for ANCCE services and USPRE events more convenient.

USPRE Announces New Office Location

Effective 1 March, USPRE Association’s new address will be:
12765 Forest Hill Blvd
Suite 1315
Wellington, FL. 33414

All phone and fax numbers will remain unchanged.

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