2012 Changes in the PRE Stud Book Rules & Regulations and the PRE Breeding Program

Please be informed that the new documents regulating the PRE Stud Book and Breeding Program, which will be in force once published in the Official State Gazette, contemplate the following novelties, which are outlines below:

  1. All horses must have reached the age of 3 years before their assessment for Basic Aptitude for Breeding.
  2. The Assessment for Basic Approval as Breeding Stock includes a performance Test for Morphology, with the following advantages:        
    1. All these horses will be genetically assessed, thus making make it easier for breeders to participate in the Breeding Program with their horses and avoid having to travel.        
    2. The number of genetically assessed horses within the breed has been increased.
    3. The reliability of the genetic values of the horses has been increased.
  3. 3. The disqualifying defects in the Assessment for Basic Approval for Breeding include:
    1. A height of less than 1.54 m in males and 1.52 m in females.
    2. A proportionality Index of (wither height*100 / scapular-isquial length) of less than 90 or greater at 110.
    3. The accumulation of serious and/or very serious defects inherent to the species and breed. 
  4. When a horse is considered NOT APPROVED for Breeding, this will be indicated on its Passport.
  5. The PRE Breeding Program Committee has been created as an organization dependent upon ANCCE to be responsible for the coordination and follow-up of the PRE Breeding Program among other aspects. 
  6. Artificial reproduction methods may be used (artificial insemination and embryo transfer) in all breeding stock. Nevertheless until this new measure has been thoroughly studied by the PRE Breeding Program Committee, it has been established that embryo transfer will be limited in mares with basic approval to 1 foal/year (the same as up to now using natural covering). All other Breeding Mares (Young Recommended Breeding Stock, Qualified Breeding Stock, Improver Breeding Stock and Elite Breeding Stock) and all the sire stallions will have no limits for the time being, provided their category is up to date.
  7. It has been established that embryo supplying mares must be registered in the Breeding Register of the PRE Stud Book. This rule shall be applied as of January 1, 2013, but foals born in 2013, fruit of embryo transfer with the limitations established in point 6, may be registered.
  8. Dressage competitions officially recognized by the RFHE (Royal Equestrian Federation of Spain), whether national or international, in addition to the Young Horses Selection Tests will be incorporated as Performance Tests for Dressage. 
  9. The genetic category of “Qualified Breeding Stock” has been incorporated into the PRE Breeding Program.
  10. It has been established that Elite Breeding Stock must have achieved the category of Improver Breeding Stock for Conformation and for Dressage. 
  11. It has been contemplated that those horses achieving any of the categories for Breeding Stock, established in the PRE Breeding Program, will be awarded a diploma accrediting them with this category and this will also be noted in their Equine Identification Document (EID). Likewise, this information with regards to these breeding horses will be disclosed, to facilitate their use within the breed.

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