First Official 2012 Stud Book Revision

P.R.E. Revision 2012

Please be advised that the first 2012 Revision tour in North America sanctioned by the official P.R.E. Stud Book in Spain will commence in Los Angeles, California on April 9th 2012.  

Breeders seeking to present their horses during this Revision tour should immediately proceed  to submit an Application for Service to Tanya Duffey  and make their service payment ( number 206 ) on the USPRE website. Simply go on the USPRE homepage and click on the “LG Service USPRE”  stamp to go to the payment section of the website. Alternatively, click on Tanya Duffey’s card below !

International Application for Service – Click here !

The deadline for enrolling your horses will be Tuesday, March 27th 2012.

While the 2012 Revision Tour will commence in southern California, Revision sites in other states and Canada will only be approved and thereby designated following the receipt of service application forms and payment. 

It is important to understand  that to be eligible to be a Revision Site, the local  Host must either assemble no less that fifteen (15) horses in any one particular facility or cover the domestic travel portion of the LG Veterinarian’s expenses arriving to their location.

The Current Regional Site Coordinators are:

Betsy Ketcham – Northern California    

Gustalvo A. Aldana – Southern California 

Christa Probson, Northern Texas

Margot Reynolds, Southern Texas

Additional Regional Site Coordinators will be announced as the number of horses accrue in each state.

The final Revision itinerary will be announced on or about April 2, 2012

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