2011 ANCCE General Assembly



The decisions approved by the ANCCE Board of Directors throughout 2010 were ratified by the members at the 39th General Assembly held this past Saturday, May 21st in the city of Sevilla. There were specific point that received votes against, but this did not hinder the acceptance of most of the agreed to measures.

Among the decisions voted, the most noteworthy include:

  • A single fee of € 480 has been established for all ANCCE members
  • As of January 1, 2012, the quota for all new breeders is €2500. Associations are exempt.
  • Only one association per country is allowed to have representation within the ANCCE governing body.
  • The use of the “ANCCE” image and brand has been granted as a suffix or prefix for ANCCE associated bodies
  • Miguel Angel de Cárdenas, 2011 Honorary Member
  • Approved the final composition of the Board with a new Vice-president, Juan Morales, who substitutes Jesús Contreras Ramos.
  • Arancha Rodríguez and Pedro Azor have been appointed the Director and Assistant Director, respectively, of the PRE Stud Book.
  • The Executive Committee has penalized Judge Francisco Hernández Moreno with a one-year suspension.
  • Alberto Abajo Romo has been temporarily suspended.
  • Suspension proceedings against Leopoldo Fernández Pujals, currently pending his request to renounce his ANCCE membership.
  • The Judges for the ANCCE Spanish National Championships have been graded and authorized.
  • Accepted the rules and basis for the new selection process for conformational-functional competition judges.
  • The Rules and Regulations for Conformational Competitions have been changes.
  • The Stud Book Commission has suspended any registration from and related to the horse “MARCADOR” and his descendants.
  • The stud farms known as Hnas. Palma Valdés and Yeguada Torreluna have been pardoned
  • 2011 Promotional Plan has been approved.
  • Articles number 1, 3, 7 and 8 of the Association By-laws have been changed.
  • The Balance Sheet, Annual Report, Results and 2011 budget were approved.

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