El Caballo P.R.E. Horse Magazine Goes International


El Caballo PRE Horse Magazine Goes International

Chicago, October 11, 2008 – El Caballo Español Magazine, the member publication for the world’s largest PRE Horse Breeders association, ANCCE, will be producing, in association with the United States PRE Association (USPRE), an English Edition geared to the international equestrian market to be distributed in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. The circulation will begin with the September 2008 issue and advertising will be available starting with the January issue of 2009. El Caballo Español’s English Edition was produced to satisfy the international need for comprehensive information and current news regarding the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE). El Caballo Español’s English Edition will be available to ANCCE members, USPRE members and subscribers in all English speaking countries. In addition, the magazine will be distributed at PRE events and selective equestrian opportunities that provide beneficial exposure to the PRE Horse. El Caballo Español’s English Edition will also implement complementary mailings to segments interested in the PRE Horse; these can include Breeders, Owners, Riders, Trainers, training facilities, key individuals of regional and national equestrian associations. This approach will give advertisers the maximum benefit of reaching the best possible prospects in the horse market. USPRE’s President, Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer said: “The collaboration between ANCCE and USPRE is grounded in our respective passion for this noble breed that has demonstrated its performance as an ideal sports horse for centuries. The launch of the magazine in the international equestrian community celebrates both the development of the breed as a modern equine athlete and its rich history as the most beautiful and desired horse in European history “. All PRE Breeders, Owners and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to subscribe to El Caballo Español English Edition which is published six (6) times per year (along with its respective competition results supplements) and read by principal and up and coming breeders in Spain and around the world. Subscriptions to El Caballo Español will be processed through the websites of ANCCE and USPRE. ( www.ancce.com and www.usprea.com ). El Caballo Español’s English Edition is expected to become the primary source of information and communication for all involved with the PRE.

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