LG-ANCCE Opens a Permanent Office in the United States

The USPRE Board is pleased to inform its members that the official custodian of the Pure Spanish Horse Stud Book, LG-ANCCE has announced the opening an administrative and processing office in Miami, Florida. The LG-ANCCE USA service center is presently headed by Dr. Ana Gragera Slikker and commences PRE Stud Book service operations on Monday, September 22nd 2008.

Assisted by the Spanish Consulate in Miami, Pedro Rey Alvarez, LG-ANCCE Director landed in Miami several weeks ago to finalize all legal and contractual aspects associated with ANCCE’s initiative to establish a U.S. based administrative infrastructure to service the needs of Breeders in North America.





“I am very pleased with the progress being made in the United States” said Javier Conde, ANCCE President “Since February 2008, LG-ANCCE has issued 137 new Breeder Codigos to American Breeders, and with the collaboration of USPRE made four Inscription & Revision tours servicing in excess of 2000 horses. In addition, ANCCE sponsored two clinics and provided support to three horse shows. The opening of the LG-ANCCE office in Miami, Florida is a further testimony of the continued ANCCE commitment to provide Breeders in North America with timely and enhanced quality services.

The LG-ANCCE USA service center will provide the full range of Stud Book services to the exception of the printing of new Cartas which remains the responsibility of the LG-ANCCE headquarters in Seville, Spain. Dr. Ana Gragera Slikker will be assisted by Ms. Maravillas Perez-Cela, Liaison Officer.


Dr. Ana Gragera Slikker, Acting Registrar


Maravillas Perez Cela, Liaison Officer

LG-ANCCE USA 848 Brickell Avenue Suite 307 Miami, Florida, 33131 Tel: (786) 264-1108 Fax: (786) 999-8617 Email: usa@lgancce.com

Additional key information:

LG-ANCCE USA Communications

In the interest of efficiency permitting staff to perform preliminary review of records, Breeders are kindly encouraged to communicate with Dr. Ana Gragera and Mara Perez-Cela by email prior to calling the office.

Inscription & Revision

While it is expected that Breeders complete Inscription procedures with their local approved Veterinarians, Dr. Ana Gragera will travel as needed to provide Revision services throughout the country. Breeders are requested to organize locations amongst themselves ensuring the minimum number of sites to be visited with the maximum number of horses to be serviced.

LG-ANCCE Website (Breeder’s Private Section)

Holder of Breeder Codigos can now log on to review their personal records in the Stud Book database. Breeders are requested to contact the LG-ANCCE USA office by email to receive their private Pin Number to gain access to their “Read Only” file. The alpha-numeric Pin Number commences with a “C” which needs to be capitalized when using the Pin Number.

Breeding & Birth Certificates (Certificados de Cubricion)

Certificates are now available online free of charge. Breeders that require Breeding & Birth Certificates for their Stallions can create, store and print custom certificates from within their LG-ANCCE website personal Breeder’s file.

LG-ANCCE Service Fees & Payments

Effective Monday, September 22nd 2008, Inscription kits (which include bar coded inscription form, blood cards, and microchip) will cost Euros 140.00 while Revisions will cost Euros 135.00 . All other services will remain as reflected in the current LG rate card. All travel costs for Dr. Ana Gragera to provide Revision services will be borne by LG-ANCCE.

Until such time that the ANCCE IT department alters the online payment mechanism to reflect the new Inscription & Revision fees for the U.S., Breeders are requested make remittances by wire transfer for services requested after September 22, 2008. Remittance details are as follows:

Bank: La Caixa Bank address: Marques de Paradas, # 29, 41001 Sevilla, Spain Account name: LG ANCCE Account number: 2100 2320 59 0200171739 Swift code: CAIXESBBXXX Iban: ES49 2100 2320 59 0200171739

Breeders are requested to kindly fax their bank transfer confirmation to the Miami office.


Free Owner Codigos

LG-ANCCE is now providing Owners of registered PRE horses with free Codigos (category G). The primary benefit to Owners will be the ability to effectuate the Ownership change of their horses. It is important to highlight that only Breeder Codigos (category C) can apply for services.

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