Local Inscriptions

Inscriptions organized and managed by Pure Spanish Horse breeders with their Veterinarians has taken off with vigor in the last several weeks following the submission of Veterinarian accreditation letters to LG-ANCCE. Such was the case on July 14th at Rancho O Grove, a unique equestrian facility dedicated to the PRE horse nestled in Miami, Florida. Encouraged by the recent receipt of his first LG-ANCCE documents processed in two months, Rancho O Grove owner, Roberto Sanchez swiftly mobilized his staff and Veterinarian, Dr. Cristobal Flores to undertake the inscription of all his horses born in the last two years. Twenty-one (21) services were processed on the day in the typical Floridian tropical weather engulfed in traditional Spanish hospitality. The afternoon culminated with an amazing discovery – Dr. Flores has a son and a daughter presently serving in the Armed Forces (his son is currently deployed in Iraq and his daughter is in training). When thanked for his contribution to our country, Dr. Flores simply said: ” This country gave my family everything, my family is now giving back.”. On behalf of its members, USPRE extends its deepest gratitude to Dr. Flores and his family for their patriotic actions and spirit.

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