ANCCE Bulletins: 2008 Clinics

Dear breeder:ANCCE will organize several clinics in different countries along 2008. The aim is increasing the knowledge on our horse. Topics are free: training, conformation, showing, feeding, handling and care, alta escuela, driving, etc. These clinics are free for all breeders and aficionados who join. ANCCE will approach proper spokesmen according to any topics and will run on part of the expenses (fees, trip and accommodations of spokesmen) with the possibility of covering 100% of the expenses in certain cases. We ask all associations to send us the most interesting topics to organize these clinics, including dates and locations too. We will try to satisfy all applications, but we will depend on their number and our available budget. Please fill in the application form and forward it to: Greetings and Happy Christmas. Manuel Gonzalez. Executive manager.

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