ANCCE Bulletin, December 24th 2007

Seville, December 24th, 2007

Dear Breeders:

It is ANCCE’s continuous desire and commitment to always maintain very close
ties with all Breeders of PRE horses worldwide and to monitor their concerns, respond
to their questions and provide the required information that is needed.

Although the ANCCE offices in Spain are always at your disposal, having direct contact
with regional ANCCE Delegates is important. For this specific reason, this year, we
appointed Mr. Roberto Federspiel (Costa Rica) as our delegate for Latin America, and
we recently appointed Mr. Alexander Zilo (Florida) for the USA and Canada.

Their aim is to serve as an in country Representative and logistical intermediary
between ANCCE in Spain and Breeders in their respective areas and to represent
ANCCE in those equestrian events where the PRE has a starring role.

Roberto and Alex are two dedicated gentleman that are very involved with and
knowledgeable the PRE breeding world. We are convinced that they will serve you
well in your needs and the transmission of information which is so necessary when the
PRE is bred in more than sixty countries.

Both delegates have an ANCCE email address as follows:

Roberto Federspiel:
Alexander B. Zilo:

Lastly, we will soon be appointing a Delegate for the European Union to increase our
presence in the “Old World”,

Happy Christmas to you and your beloved families.

Manuel Gonzalez

Executive Manager, ANCCE International

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