Fiesta Midwest – June 5-8, 2008

The Fiesta Midwest show committee extends the following invitation to the P.R.E. Community.

Celebrate our beloved breed – the Pure Spanish Horse!

Please mark your calendar for their first Fiesta Midwest:

June 5-8, 2008 at the Roberts Arena in Wilmington, Ohio!

We are planning a positive event with healthy competition, and if you love a certain quality of another horse, please express it to the owner. There are different types of P.R.E.’s and Pure Spanish Horses so let’s appreciate this fact. With variety, lovers of our breed are able to pick and choose their personal preference.

During our show weekend let’s delight in what we share – the love for these incredible horses! Do you remember your thoughts and emotions when you saw your very first P.R.E.? You are very blessed to own even one of these lovely treasures, not even to speak of more than one… !

Remember your excitement when you brought home your very first Pure Spanish Horse?

Let’s go back to the beginnings. We all have so much in common and so much to be thankful for. Let’s enjoy each other’s company and spread our excitement and passion about the “most incredible breed” to spectators at our show! This is our show; let’s make it a warm, fun, and inspiring event!

If you are passionate about the Pure Spanish Horse, please help turn this show into the most celebrated and successful event!

This is how you can help.

  1. Please spread the word. Tell all your horse lover friends. Print out the show poster and post it in feed stores, tack stores, your vet’s office, and at equestrian events you attend or visit as spectator. You can download the show poster from our website. We ask that you please use quality photo paper, which will enhance the colors, look very professional and provide a consistent quality representation for our horses and show
  1. When spreading the word, please know that ALL IALHA-(S) horses are welcome to show in Performance Classes and ALL HALF-P.R.E. horses (FYI: a horse whose dam or sire is recognized in the Spanish studbook through inscription or revision or who has the paperwork showing that inscription/revision has been applied for) can perform in Doma Vaquera under the Spanish Judge! We are planning to introduce general English and Western Pleasure classes – Amateur Rider and Amateur horse, where people and horses can get their first show experience! If you would like to show off your horse in a special class, please let us know, and we can include your class!
  1. Please help getting in Sponsorships and Donations! With Thanksgiving approaching a gracious donation to The Foundation / Fiesta Midwest, which is non-profit, is very much appreciated and can be used at tax write-off. The goal is to know by the end of the year, how Fiesta Midwest is doing financially. If you plan on participating, you should be highly motivated to help raise money, as with enough donations, it will benefit every participant as we will be able to keep the entry and stalls fees as low as possible FOR YOU! Please ask everyone, your vet, your local feed store, your tack store, your parents and relatives, coworkers, business partners, clients you have sold horses to, people who love the breed and are considering to get into it, etc. You can download the sponsorship and donation form from www.FiestaMidwest.comand The Foundation will supply donation receipt forms for you!
    • URGENT!
  2. Please let us know, if you are interested in advertising with a very nice photo in our first annual Fiesta Midwest 18-month calendar. It will feature your horse’s photo with your farm and contact information listed. What a great way to get the word out about your farm and a great gift with the holidays coming up! All proceeds will directly benefit Fiesta Midwest. The approximate cost will around $300 and the deadline to get your photo and farm info to Lee Ann Hole – email: – is November 23, 2007. Act quickly, so we can have this beautiful calendar available before Christmas!
  1. If you know of upcoming regional events / horse expos, large and small, please share date and location with us, so we can place posters there. If you would like to represent The Foundation and Fiesta Midwest at shows, where you might already plan on participating with your own horses, your own products, please contact us. Everyone’s support will make a big difference!
  1. Please help us ask for Silent Auction Items – We are planning a ‘blind’ ballot type auction, where you don’t know, what someone else is bidding, so things will get interesting! And our Silent Auction is going to include Stallion Services, so please consider donating a breeding.
  1. We are looking for volunteers on the following show committees:

– Sponsorships & Donations

– Advertising / PR / Marketing

– Banquet Dinner & Hospitality

– Saturday Exhibition

– Silent Auction

– Volunteers

– Inscription / Revision / Qualified Tribunal

  1. A highlights of our show will be a fun exhibition show Saturday night, showcasing the traditions and versatility of the Pure Spanish Horse. Please let us know, if you would like to participate. Do you have a fun freestyle that you would love to share, would you like to show your horse in the presentation halter while wearing traditional clothing. We welcome every suggestion! The show will be narrated by an announcer, sharing the beauty and magic of our horses. The show will focus on their traditions, versatility, and the Pure Spanish Horse as a modern competitor, with jumping and Grand Prix performances. Our finale will be Laura Amandis’s beautiful liberty performance with her P.R.E. stallion Acierto! Instead of sending our spectators home after an inspiring show, we would like to then open the barns to the spectators, allowing the audience to meet our spectacular horses up-close-and-personal. Caterers will have set up food during our performances in the banquet hall so we can gather for food and drinks in the spirit of a mini Sicab.
  1. Bring your Sales Horses, as everyone is going to want one after our amazing performance! In our laid-back party – Sicab style, what better opportunity to introduce them to prospective buyers! Please let us know, if you are planning to bring your horses for sale, as we enough interest, we might coordinate something specifically beneficial for their promotion.
  1. We are planning to hold Revision and possibly Qualified Tribunal at the show on Sunday, so please let us know, if you are interested in presenting your horse(s).
  1. Laura Amandis is going to be available for clinics! Visit for additional information on Laura Amandis and her background and passion for our horses. What would YOU love to learn from Laura as she will be available as clinician.
  1. If A.N.C.C.E. would consider coming to the show, would you be interested in a seminar?
    If so, what topic?
  1. We are planning to have the Premium available in January 2008. The earlier you return your entry form, the earlier we will place a link to your website on The earlier you send in your sponsorships, the earlier we will place a link to your website with your logo on
  1. Use your website to announce Fiesta Midwest and place a link to

With your support this could become the most celebrated event of the Pure Spanish Horse! Thank you in advance for your time and effort! Please help the Midwest become a loud voice for the P.R.E. in America!

A big thank-you to Lee Ann Hole who volunteers her services to allow Fiesta Midwest to be professionally represented and marketed, to everyone on our show committee making this event exceptional, and to everyone spreading the enthusiasm for our upcoming show!

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in June!

Your Fiesta Midwest Team


















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